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Who Is The Secret Of Success - 1582 Words

Secondly, Swami Sivananda once stated, â€Å"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success† (Swami 25 October, 2015). Provided that, one’s heart composes of two functions, in which one is to pump blood and the other one, is to embody one’s behaviour, emotions, feelings, and personality. Moreover, Andrew displays the capability of controlling his behaviour, emotions, and treats other people appropriately. Throughout the movie, Andrew was able to experience a diverse amount of emotions such as love, jealousy, affection, being scared, and happiness. Above all, Andrew felt devastated and heartbroken as he overheard Little Miss being told by her father that she â€Å"cannot invest your emotions in a machine† (Bicentennial Man, 1999). Unfortunately, Andrew is once more treated as a household appliance and more importantly felt sad, since it was impossible to be with the only person he loved, which was Little Miss. As a result, Andrew gains this desire to have facial expressions, nervous system, and etc.†¦ Nevertheless, it is because of Andrews emotions, which allowed him to persevere and build his true identity, therefore one’s emotions is strictly confined to that individual s identity. With this concept in mind, one can say that emotions are potent and relevant to one’s being because it adds depth and meaning to them, when compared to other individuals. In addition, these attributes makes an individual more of a different and sophisticatedShow MoreRelatedThe Fullan s Model And Network992 Words   |  4 Pagesto my final project theme. The six magical secrets: †¢ â€Å"Secret 1. Love your employees; †¢ Secret 2. Connect peers with purpose; †¢ Secret 3. Capacity building prevails; †¢ Secret 4. Learning is the work; †¢ Secret 5. Transparency rules; and †¢ Secret 6. System learn.† (Fullan, 2012). Implementing these six secrets by collaborative leaders utilizing the collaborative facilitation skills will open the doors to achieve the total success. Keywords: Fullan’s model, collaborative leadershipRead MoreFinancial Ratio Analysis : Victoria s Secret1706 Words   |  7 Pagesfulfilling consumer demands and maintain financial stability. Liquidity Measures ratios advocates that Victoria’s Secret is also capable of sufficiently paying for its liabilities as well as invest assets in a tactical way. Net Working Capital to Total Assets show that Victoria’s Secret is able to turn assets and cover their short term liabilities efficiently. Fixed Asset Turnover for Victoria Secret indicates that they know how to use their fixed assets effectively towards its sales revenues. They have theRead MoreSkills, Traits, And Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur1210 Words   |  5 Pages an entrepreneur should develop the ones that are relevant to becoming successful. This paper will first examine skills, traits, and characteristics that are more important to have as an entrepreneur. Then, we researched and explored entrepreneurs who co-founded an intriguing online business that has gravitated to other countries and finally, we examine how they started the business and what they are doing to remain successful in their entrepreneurial venture. â€Æ' Skills, Traits, and CharacteristicsRead MoreThe Secret of Success1246 Words   |  5 PagesTHE SECRET OF SUCCESS -Khupkhogin Khongsai INTRODUCTION Everyone wants to learn the secrets of being successful in life. There are many people who have achieved success in this world. Success doesn’t come to those who wait†¦.. And it doesn’t wait for anyone to come to it. Most successful men have not achieved their destination by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand. The difference between failureRead MoreThe CHAOS Manifesto1349 Words   |  6 PagesAssessment Requirements Tracking Survey), Executive Sponsor Workshops and Executive Interviews. Although the manifesto concentrates on statistics primarily whereas, the 2012 report talks about the various success factors of an executive sponsor as leadership plays a crucial role in deciding the success or failure of a project. The CHAOS knowledge center collects monthly survey which include 20-25 survey question, the DARTS is an online research instrument. The report is also based on 18 years of CHAOSRead MoreHello Metro Goldwyn Mayer Production Company1463 Words   |  6 PagesSkyHawk would be a great addition to the production company’s filmography. The summation of our work over the last few years has yielded a product that we are confident will become a widespread success. This secret agent film relates to the present American culture. If we take a look at successful secret agent films in the past several years, it is easy to focus solely on the industry giants of James Bond, Mission Impossible, and The Bourne Series. James Bond, while a great agent, is obviously unableRead MoreCoca Cola Employee Loyalty Case Study717 Words   |  3 Pagesenterprise a great global success. It is ultimate reason for continued revenue stream and their recipe is also what draws consumers to their product. Coca Cola remains a top competitor because of their ability to keep its recipe a secret. The first image that comes to mind when I think of Coca Cola’s trade secrets are documents locked in a secret vault that only a few top executives have access too. However, a company’s trade secrets are much more than what is tangible. Trade secrets includes any form ofRead MoreKey Success Secrets On How Social Networks Effectively By Wendy Lugo Santiago Essay833 Words   |  4 Pages3 Success Secrets on How to Manage Social Networks Effectively By Wendy Lugo Santiago | Submitted On September 12, 2010 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Wendy Lugo Santiago The discussionRead MoreSecrets to Success741 Words   |  3 PagesSecrets to success It has been argued in different avenues that the meaning of success is relative. To some it means being rich, having a happy family, having a well paying job, owning a blue-chip company (The list is endless). The best meaning of Success that I have come across is that Success is the completion of anything intended. In other words success is finishing what you planned to do. From this, success doesn’t necessarily mean being number one; it means achieving your target within theRead MoreThe Seven Success Secrets That Marion Bartoli1119 Words   |  5 PagesSeven Success Secrets that Marion Bartoli Can Teach You to Achieve More Success in Your Life! Ed Sykes By Ed Sykes Feb 1, 2014 Success is sometimes a long and winding journey. Many times you need to overcome the barriers that block you and naysayers who doubt you. Sometimes you need to fight though your own self-doubts to achieve success in your life. Marion Bartoli, the women s winner of the Wimbledon Championship, had to take a long and winding journey to overcome many barriers, naysayers and

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Essay about Character Personality Matrix - 1593 Words

Section 1: Character Personality Matrix Theory Major Components Structure Process Growth and Development Psychopathology Change 1. The Big 5 trait factor The Big Five Theory identifies certain traits that explain the personality of a person. It looks at the following aspects of a person: 1). Openness, 2). Conscientious,3).Extraversion, 4). Agreeableness,5). Neuroticism. A person’s openness is measured on the following factors: 1.) How curious a person is, 2). how truthful a person is 3). appreciation for imagination, 4). willingness to try something new, 5). traditional they are. An individual that scores high in this area usually are outgoing, curious, open to new things, and embrace experience. Individuals that score low in the†¦show more content†¦Agreeableness is being compassionate and cooperative rather being suspicious or hostile towards others. They will go out of their way to keep everyone in social harmony. Individuals that score high in this area are very caring, soft hearted, sympathetic , and make time for people. Individuals that score low in this area are unconcerned abou t others, likely to insult people, and prefer to be isolated. They are not happy people and do not make others happy. Neuroticism is demonstrated by always seeing the negative sides of things. People express this by anger, anxiety, and depressed mood. Individuals that score high in this area are anxious about things all the time, they feel all things are doomed, and easily display erratic mood swings. Individuals that score low in this area then to be relaxed, unemotional, and satisfied with life(Pervin,Cervone, Oliver, 2005). Will Hunting is a complicated person. He can come across as very confident at times. However, he is very insecure at the same time. He uses his intelligence to cover-up his feelings of insecurity. Two incidents provide excellent examples in the movie. The incident in the bar when takes on the grad student and in the court room providing his own self-defense (Movie,1994). He is very insecure about allowing others to know who he really is. This is ve ry obvious throughout the movie. He does not want people to know how intelligent he is. For example, he doesShow MoreRelatedThe Matrix, By Keanu Reeves1120 Words   |  5 PagesIn the Wachowski’s action film â€Å"The Matrix†, many different philosophical ideas and theories are explored, including the idea of Free Will versus Determinism. The movie’s main character â€Å"Neo† (Portrayed by Keanu Reeves) is labelled as â€Å"The One†, and is used as a catalyst to represent these philosophical ideas. The Oracle is used as a representation of Determinism, whilst Neo is used as a symbol for Free Will. These representations in turn relate to thefamous philosophical theories ofby philosophersRead MoreThe Movie Matrix and Mindscan: Are AI’s Human or a Hoax?1855 Words   |  7 PagesMatrix and Mindscan: Are AI’s Human or a Hoax? Since the beginning of humanity, people have disputed over the standards of what qualifies as a human being. In ancient Rome, the Romans persecuted and enslaved those of conquered states. In WWII Hitler slaughtered thousands of Jews. In the primary stages of America’s founding, rich white plantation owners imported black slaves to cultivate their fields. All of these types of persecution occurred because a greater, more powerful group considered theRead MoreEssay on The Matrix Hero Myth1466 Words   |  6 PagesThe Matrix Hero Myth Hollywood is the production machine that continues to bombard America with its action-packed hero movies. The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves as a prime example of the larger than life Hollywood hero whose explosive screen acting and dumb luck turn the lead character into this hero, who tantalizes American audiences. The storyline of the movie throws audiences immediately into the mystery behind â€Å"the matrix† from an objective person’s perspective. Neo, or Mr. Anderson as theRead MoreThe Factors Of Social Psychology1021 Words   |  5 Pagesof social interaction, which involves with the factors of social psychology. Starting off I would like to point one of the characters from the movie. The character is by Keanu Reeves, who plays the role as Mr. Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, but he’s also living a life as a computer hacker under the alias â€Å"Neo†. The social principle that applies to Neo’s character of being a very informational influence. To give a brief summary, Neo is â€Å"awoken† from a simulation of what life is, to theRead MoreFilm Components in The Matrix993 Words   |  4 Pagessystem called â€Å"The Matrix†, humans are only like animals raised by them without any freedom and thoughts. And, Neo is the only savior who can rescue the humans. However, the road to salvation can never be smoothed, so where will the actual real world be? Will Neo be strong enough to start a war fighting for the humans? Is Neo the only hope of all humanity? This is the empire of the hackers, the source and code welcome everyone to â€Å"The Matrix†. T he central theme of â€Å"The Matrix† (1999) is narratingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Neuromancer By William Gibson1351 Words   |  6 Pagesthe human mind, and store its data for later use in the virtual reality known as the matrix, a separation of body and mind (Hendrix, 1992). Case must trust his own instincts in the matrix and follow his own path in order to succeed in the mission that was set out for him. The relationship between human and technology is meshed as one. One will not survive without the other. It is a self-identity that each character takes on throughout their own individual experiences. Throughout Gibson’s novel, humansRead MoreCharacter Ethic And The Personality Ethic Essay1468 Words   |  6 Pagesbe shifted, are the perceptions people hold of life as well as how they interact with the world around them. The author mentions these as the â€Å"Character Ethic and the Personality Ethic.† (Covey, 23) The character ethic are the things that we perceive to be how we see ourselves. An example would be a generous person or a person of integrity. The personality ethic is our worldviews and how we use that perception to interact with our world. These can be entrenched traits that can have a paradigm shiftRead MoreCompany Structure1082 Words   |  5 Pagescompany’s organizational culture, which is a combination of values and beliefs of its employees. He faithfully followed the principles of Scientific Management. The worker was paid on a â€Å"basic + bonus† system. In addition, Jack Pitts is a strong character, who runs his company in functional structure to maximize productivity and efficiency. As a Managing Director, Author Pitts wants to change the organizational culture of the company by trying to introduce â€Å"softer† management style than that ofRead MoreCoca Cola Marketing Strategy1350 Words   |  6 Pagesattitudes and demands of their consumers or face losing market share to the competition. Furthermore, consumers can easily switch to other beverages with little cost or consequence (Cola Wars, 1991). 2. BOSTON CCONSULTING GROUP MATRIX In accordance with the BCG matrix, I would recommend the following strategies for Coca-cola products in each category: Dog Strategy: Either invest to earn market share or consider disinvesting. Star Strategy: Invest profits for future growth. Question MarkRead MorePrimary Project Management Organizational Structures1604 Words   |  7 Pagesresources, efficiency further quality ropes the advent a persist in is through besides how goals again objectives are achieved. I will discuss following three organizational project structures †¢ Functional organization †¢ Pure Project organization †¢ Matrix Organization Project Considerations We can shoes project management structures on the basis of following project considerations. How important is the project to the firm’s success? What percentage of core work involves projects? What level of

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Arts Of The Contact Zone Essay By Pratt Example For Students

Arts Of The Contact Zone Essay By Pratt In Prates speech Arts of the Contact Zone, she uses terms, such as ethnographys and transfiguration, to help demonstrate the reasoning Of her ideas. The main force of this essay is to explain how the various sections, such as Prates sons baseball arts and Gunman Pomp, support Prates argument. Pratt Starts her speech by sharing her sons experience which about collecting baseball cards. She points out that her son learned more than just baseball through those cards, those baseball cards gave her son the chance to learn plenty of lessons. For instance, he can learn about the history of America racism and also the struggle against it because he was curious about the difference between each baseball card. And also, collecting and trading those baseball cards gave him a sense fairness, exchange, and trust. Baseball cards opened his eyes and showed him the door o the world. A contact zone has both positive and negative influences. The positive side, for example, students have different culture backgrounds study in a same classroom. Under such situation, people are able to discuss their idea with different views and share their culture to others, However, a contact zone has a negative side, colonialism is one of the many examples. Following the story about her son, Pratt introduces Gunman pomp, pomp wrote a twelve hundred pages letter to King Philip Ill of Spain minion. This letterings in two languages and it can be divided into two different parts. The first part, Nouveau Chronic, was the main writing apparatus through which the Spanish presented their American conquests to themselves (Pratt 487). According to Pratt, Pomps first part of the letter is an ethnographers text. The second part of the letter, Been gibbering y justices, States that the collaboration between the Inca and Spanish is the only way to achieve a good government and justice. Gunman Pomps text is created With Spanish and Quiches. He does not simply imitate or reproduce it; he selects and adapts it along Andean lines to express Andean interests and aspirations (Pratt 491). Such process is called transfiguration, the cultural change induced by the introduction of elements off foreign culture. Prates sons baseball card experience and Gunman Pomps letter share one similar theme and each situation was a contact zone. As mentioned before, a contact zone can be either positive or negative. In Prates sons collection of baseball card experience, his activity with his other collectors not only helped him gain a better knowledge of baseball, but also a better knowledge of life. There was exchange of ideas or aloes through those baseball cards. The contact zone in Gunman pomps letter shows between the Incas and the Spanish and it was a negative example. There was no exchange of ideas or values under such situation because the Spanish conquered the Andean people and enforced new policies that were inequitable to them. In conclusion, Prates speech, Arts of the Contact Zone, introduces a phrase that a contact zone is an area where ideas, cultures, and values meet. It can be a positive or negative experience and also a chance to contrast a group of people about language, communication and culture.

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The Joker free essay sample

The Joker, because he is highly intelligent, he has no levels, there is no limit to what he is capable of doing. I think the Joker won in the end because he seriously did some serious damage. He got what he wanted he turned Gotham’s hero into a villain, and he ruined Wayne’s life by taking the people he cared about the most. In the first movie the Dark night the Joker made such of a big of an impact that it went on in The Batman Rises. But then again, like the Joker said This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object Which means it is in deadlock. No one is winning, no one is losing. The Joker isn’t the toughest or biggest villain but yet he is the most dangerous. I think it’s the fact that he is so intelligent that makes him so dangerous, because a fist fight between Batman and The Joker there is no doubt who would win. We will write a custom essay sample on The Joker or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Joker has his every move well planned, he always has a plan. So he always has a clean getaway. Maybe that’s why he is my favorite, everything he does is so suspenseful. You literally don’t know what to expect. Now Bane is a different villain who comes out in the Dark Night Rises he is not my favorite. Yeah I get it he is super strong. But he really isn’t that smart though. Bane leaves things by taking chances, which is really not a smart idea. If it wasn’t for his super muscles or Talia by his side, Bane really isn’t much of a dangerous guy. The only reason why Bane got so far was because Wayne was going through so much at that time. Batman goes through some crucial moments throughout The Batman Rises, Bruce has fallen from the invested physical ability of being Batman. He suffers from cartilage deficiency, but not only that, Wayne is also going through some mental and emotional state having to go through the loss of his love and the betrayal of his butler. If anything, it shows Bruce’s initial unwillingness to heal, mentally or physically. But at the end he overcomes is when he realizes his city has fallen, and the innocent people of Gotham needs him. I think the most crucial moment Wayne goes through is when he is prison. And he cannot escape. When he is thrown into the pit Wayne is defeated and broken mentally, physically, and emotionally, the successful limb out of the pit is the first time Batman truly emerges in the film, but it took a while for him to get back up on his feet. I think that Wayne was a little bit to confident when he went up against Bane for the first time. Did he really think he was going to take him down that easily I mean the guy was doing nothing for eight years, and he expect to be the same. I think Wayne should hav e waited till he was fully recovered or he should have not underestimated his opponent. In the Dark Night Rises I think The Batman actually won, and there is no doubt. He recovered his image with the city of Gotham and not only that but in the end he was able to live a normal life with Catwomen, just like he used to. Talia nor Bane won because there evil plan was a total fail from the beginning. The ending in the Dark night rises to me was pretty cheesy. I mean the movie was okay from a scale one through five I give it a 3. 5. First of all because we hardly see batman throughout the movie, and when we do we see him going through some difficult times. I would rather have seen him going through some hard hits against Bane. Second, is the fact that Talia was the master mind, because I was a little disappointed that at the end Bane was literally just the sidekick to Talia? I mean the whole time throughout the movie we see him taking control, but the whole time he was just part of Talia’s work. The villain that surprised me the most would probably be Talia, but for some reason I don’t understand her evil plan. Why does she hate Bruce Wayne? And I know she develops some negative feelings against her father for not accepting Bane. I get that part. I just understand why she’s out to ruin Bruce for murdering her father. I mean her father didn’t accept Bane. I would’ve thought this would bother her. But she did do a good job. You have to give her some props. She knew what she was doing, and she knew she had Bruce in the palms of her hands. Manipulating Bruce into thinking she had feelings for him was very clever. And let’s not forget she knew the Wayne’s enterprise inside out. Which gave her an advantage. All in all the movies were great, but my favorite was probably The Dark Night, mainly because of the joker. Like I said earlier the Joker was probably the most dangerous villain. He literally had Gotham under rage of terror. He would announce who he was going to kill and he always had a perfect getaway. Which I think made him very dangerous to the folks of Gotham. As for Bane, bankrupting Bruce and breaking Batman’s back were the worst of his crimes. And for Talia her crime was to continue her father’s work by destroying the largest city, but it failed. At the end I still think the Joker was the best villain ever.

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Reviewing The Social Policy Guidelines Legislation Social Work Essay Essays

Reviewing The Social Policy Guidelines Legislation Social Work Essay Essays Reviewing The Social Policy Guidelines Legislation Social Work Essay Essay Reviewing The Social Policy Guidelines Legislation Social Work Essay Essay Throughout my arrangement I have been based in within a Children and Adult services statutory bureau which is governed by the Children Act 1989 and 2004. The arrangement has provided a learning chance within a assortment of scenes within the bureau, enabling me to reflect on my experiences and show my competences in relation to national occupational criterions and Social Work values. This treatment will concentrate on an history of life narrative work ( LSW ) Which I jointly undertook with a Foster Carer while being based within the settled attention squad. A is a 12 twelvemonth old immature individual who was capable to a Care Order under subdivision 31 of the Children Act. He has been accommodated along with his 15 twelvemonth old sister and 11 twelvemonth old brother since 2004. He was accommodated due to his female parents terrible and relentless disregard . A has two older half brothers, the oldest life with his Maternal grandma in a two bed roomed bungalow and the other with his male parent. A has had really small sporadic contact with his female parent due to her life style and no contact at all with his male parent. The Children were ab initio placed together with experient carers. The arrangement ended as it was reported that the behavior of the kids while together was unwieldy and each sibling was so placed with separate carers. A went to populate with older experient carers and the arrangement was successful, nevertheless following a figure of incidents including stealing personal properties from the carers and their neighbors, displayed aggressive behavior and verbal maltreatment and absconded from school on a regular footing. The carers decided to stop the arrangement and retire as they felt that they were acquiring to old to cover with disputing behavior from immature people . Another suited carer was identified by A s Social worker through dialogue with the Family Placement Team and A has been populating at that place for 4 months. A had found this experience really traumatic as he expressed that he had been happy at the arrangement and did non desire to go forth. It had been reported by staff at his school and his present carers that A has been inquiring a batch of inquiries sing his earlier life. A has really small callback of his formative old ages while populating with his female parent and siblings and is funny about his upbringing and events that led to him being placed into attention. A peculiarly asked to talk to his maternal grandma to beginning available exposure as she had been the lone Adult household member to maintain consistent regular contact. As ( Fahlberg, 2001p.325 ) suggests that it is of import to affect members of the kid s current household. The carers asked A if he would wish to research his early life in more item, and A stated that he would wish to research with both the Foster carers and if possible his Social Worker. During supervising session with my line director I was asked to set about LSW with A as his Social Worker was unable to finish LSW due to other instance burden force per unit areas. ( Thompson 2009 P 56 ) suggests that Effective supervising can frequently be the difference between ; success and failure . We discussed LSW and whilst there is no departmental statutory ordinances sing LSW with kids in long term Foster arrangements, it is considered good practise enabling the kid to understand important events in their yesteryear, confront the feelings which are secondary to these events, and go more to the full involved in the hereafter planning of their lives ( Hapgood, 1989 p.326 ) . It comprises of the three chief elements ; the assemblage of cherished objects, exposure and souvenir ; creative activity of a written narrative that explains the grounds for the kid s moves and gives information about household members ; and communicating of this narrative in a meaningful manner ( Ba ynes, 2008 p43 ) Therefore advancing and helping development, ego consciousness and self -worth ( Thorburn, 1994 ) . We besides identified that no old LSW had been undertaken and that I had been identified as the most suited individual to work with A as I had known him for a figure of Years and an appropriate relationship ( GSC 5.4 ) based on honestness and regard had been established. An available preparation session was besides identified which was being run for carers by the sections Family Placement squad. ( GSCC 6.8, ) Undertaking relevant preparation to keep and better your cognition and accomplishments and lending to the acquisition and development of others ( Thompson 2009 ( People Skills ) pg 76 ) farther suggests that go toing a preparation class is merely one portion of a learning procedure and may hold small consequence on subsequent pattern if the acquisition points are non applied and a brooding attack is non undertaken after completion. I so researched household chronology, instance notes and tribunal records which assisted in my cognition of A s background and gave me a clearer apprehension of all household members involved while doing me cognizant of any possible hazards ( such as safety while sing their places ) . Previous appraisals besides gave me a clearer apprehension of A s strength s and needs although it did non give a clear account of A s positions, which I identified I needed to obtain. Contact was so made by telephone ab initio to A s carers who had besides attended the recent LSW preparation. I explained my purposes and outlooks of finishing LSW hence supplying the chance to obtain their apprehension of A s demands and their positions and experiences of household kineticss while listening to their outlooks. ( GSCC 6.5 ) Working openly and co-operatively with co-workers and handling them with regard . We so negotiated an in agreement clip and topographic point for the first session. As I had already worked with ( A ) on old occasions confidentiality and other bureau policies had been explained ( GSC 2.3 ) I discussed in supervising the importance of including the carers, recognizing their value and part but I besides became cognizant that I had potentially disempowered A in non affecting him ab initio in holding the session. There was besides the hazard that the carers discussed my visit with A before I had the chance to talk to him which I feel A may hold fe lt anxiousness and excluded from the determination devising procedure. I Therefore telephoned both A and his carers. It was agreed for the first session to take topographic point at the carers house an environment were A would experience safe and at easiness with his milieus. We so discussed the procedure of LSW work as it is of import to be unfastened and honest of my function and restrictions. As it is difficult to foretell at the beginning how long the procedure will take as it depends upon the ability of the kid to prosecute, their age, the clip period that will necessitate to be covered, and what new disclosures the kid might work during the work . ( Luckock and Lefevre, 2008 p.229 ) I advised them of the limited timescales before my following arrangement started and understanding was made with the Carers and A that they would go on and update me at a ulterior day of the month when I returned to the squad. I recognised that A may necessitate clip to believe about these restrictions therefore I gave him several yearss before re-contacting him t o set up the following session. On reaching A he informed me that due to other committednesss that his carers would non be able to take part in the initial few Sessionss. Another suited day of the month could non be negotiated with A s carers and after discoursing this with A understanding was made to get down the first session without them. A day of the month and clip was the arranged to roll up A from school and so return him to placement. I besides informed A s carers, school and maternal grandma further guaranting their cooperation, reassurance and support. In order to demo being dependable and reliable ( GSCC 2.4 ) I ensured that I met A at the in agreement clip and topographic point. On the auto journey I was cognizant of the restrictions of exposing active hearing accomplishments due to deficiency of oculus contact and reassured him that I was listening by nodding my caput, uhhurring and the effectual usage of rephrasing. There was a figure of undertakings to be undertaken such as shopping to buy a bit book and stationary to help A s LSW. A took sometime taking a peculiar bit book which had a image of a music set that was A s favorite. We so visited A s maternal grandma at her place where A had been on legion old occasions hence advancing an environment where he would experience safe and relaxed. A s grandmother presented a figure of exposure which we so placed in chronological order. This gave A the chance to inquire a batch of inquiries and explicate to the best of his cognition the people in the exposure, where they where tak en and the feelings that this evoked. This besides gave the chance for A s grandma to state narratives which linked into the photographs some of which were rather amusing and lighting A s imaginativeness as he became more funny inquiring more inquiries. A so asked his grandma why his female parent was unable to look after him ; she informed him that A s female parent was a good female parent until she met a new fellow who introduced her to drugs, she so could non look after A all of the clip so hence, the female parent had felt it better that he was looked after by person who could. I assessed the state of affairs and asked A how he had felt at the clip which A replied that he had felt Sad but he was all right now . Although I was cognizant of the demand to discourse the state of affairs as it is frequently the fortunes environing the separation instead than the separation itself which can do injury ( Aldgate et Al, 1989 P 89 ) : I was besides cognizant that kids may ne cessitate to cleaving to a idealised version of events until they are ready to look more closely at what went incorrect ( Barnes, 2008 p48 ) . I concluded that while A needed further consciousness of inside informations that by reading facial look that he was experiencing stressed and hence changed the topic. As ( Thompson 2009 p115 ) suggests that sometimes facial looks are intentionally used to convey a message such as when person is dying. A s grandma suggested that we end the session at this point and allow A hold sometime with his older half brother playing on a playstation. I subsequently dropped A off dorsum at his carers and we all spent sometime discoursing the session although A exhausted most of the clip stating them about the playstation game. A 2nd session was agreed for the same clip the following hebdomad unluckily the carers were unable to go to and once more another suited day of the month could non be arranged. The 2nd session by A s facial looks continued to be a positive and happy experience until A asked his grandma why she had adopted his half brother and non any of the other kids. His Grandmother explained that she merely had a two sleeping room cottage and did non hold adequate room ; she besides was non in good wellness. A started to shout and was comforted by his grandma. I was emotionally affected as by this, I have a kid of the same age and I used a supervising session which followed to lucubrate on the experience. On the manner place in the auto I discussed the session with A and he stated that he still wanted to go on LSW even though it was at times upsetting that overall he was basking the work. All Sessionss were recorded within the bureau database ( and in line with the Date Protection act ) which ensured answerability and ensured that other co-workers were updated and cognizant of ongoing engagement. As there is no legislative or national or bureau policy or counsel relating to LSW with kids who are looked after I relied upon research to finish the procedure. I think that the bureau would profit from hold all staff go toing LSW preparation to guarantee that all workers are appropriately equipped to set about the undertaking. ( Barnes p44 ) suggests that LSW as a undertaking is given to workers with variable degrees of accomplishment and assurance and with small equal preparation or resources. I recognise that A s Social worker has a busy instance burden and clip restraints and the carers have other committednesss but I feel being to the full involved with LSW from the beginning would hold gone a long manner to bettering their relationship. On contemplation holding of other alternate methods and resources such as Video Diaries and Digital Life narrative work would hold given A more picks and options which I feel would hold further enhanced the experience of finishing LSW.

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Marketing Communications of Facebook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing Communications of Facebook - Essay Example However, in many cases marketing initiatives fail in achieving the goals set. The reasons are many; failures in planning and monitoring the relevant processes have been found to negatively influence marketing plans worldwide. On the other hand, when a firm operates in a highly competitive industry, the challenges for marketers are increased. Firms that are already well known in the market are more capable of preparing effective marketing schemes. Such case is Facebook. The particular social networking site has become quite popular within a short period of time. In this case it was not only the fact that the site was the first of such kind that entered the global market. Indeed, through the years other sites, with similar features appeared; still, Facebook remained the key competitor of its sector. Its marketing practices had a key role in this success. The marketing communications of Facebook are analyzed below using appropriate theoretical models and theories. Table of contents Intr oduction 4 1. Consumer Buying Process for Facebook 1a. What is the Facebook customer experience throughout the 6 stages of the Consumer Buying Process. 4 1b. What 4 internal and 4 external factors can influence Facebook customers during this process 5 1c. The 3 roles that customer can play throughout this process 6 2. Promotional Mix Tools for Facebook 2.1 Conduct a report to critically evaluate the characteristics, features and effectiveness of any 3 marketing communications tools 2.1.1 Advertising 6 2.1.2 Public relations 7 2.1.3 Direct marketing 7 3. Facebook Communications Process 3.1 How all the 9 elements of Communication Process specifically apply to global social networks such as Facebook. 7 3.2 What 4 limitations, and 3 Barriers Facebook marketing department should be aware of before planning their global marketing campaign. 8 4. Market Research prior Facebook Campaign 4.1 Comparison of the characteristics and benefits of Qualitative and Quantitative research methods 9 4.2 Why Facebook marketing department can still benefit from both research methods 9 4.3 Diagram of the Continuum of Research Techniques 10 5. AIDA at Facebook 5.1 How the AIDA model can still be utilised by Facebook to organise the Promotional Mix message into 4 phases 10 References Introduction The development of effective marketing strategies can be a challenging task, especially when referring to highly competitive industries. Social networking is a rather recent activity, compared to other market sectors. The services of firms operating in this industry could be effectively promoted using traditional marketing methods, which are appropriately customized for meeting current market trends. Moreover, qualitative and quantitative research techniques can be employed for identifying the changing customers’ preferences in regard to this sector’s activities and features. Facebook has become the key competitor in the specific industry. The effective use of marketing for promot ing the site’s features can be considered as the key advantage of Facebook compared to its rivals, in the context discussed below. 1. Consumer Buying Process for Facebook 1a. What is the Facebook customer experience throughout the 6 stages of the Consumer Buying Process. The 6 stages of the Consumer Buying Process can be described as follows: a) Problem recognition; at this phase, the needs of the customer in regard to a product/ service are identified; in terms of Facebook, the customer realizes that he needs to communicate with other people and share his experiences/ knowledge, b) Internal and External research; after identifying his needs, a customer proceeds to the research required